March 2, 2008

Ok,I’m not gonna do updates unless something major happens.
I’m updating the joined page as much as I can.Not gonna have too much time from march 4 as I’m back to the classroom.

Thanks for the comprehension if anyone DOES read this.


I’m back!

February 6, 2008

Weh,I’m back =) I’m gonna make new linkback buttons,delete the PSDs and see what happens


Partially right

January 15, 2008

I wasn’t able to update this morning,but I am now,as I’m not leaving yet.

I’ve added 46 100×100 sized Rose icons

I’ll be back between january 30 and february 1st,I calculate.

I won’t be able to post in my bday I’m guessing.

I’ll blog on it when I’m back


Added, pt 3.

January 14, 2008

I’ve added 63 new 100×100 sized icons(which feature a missing Scarlett photoshoot and Reese Photoshoots)

the icons,which are a lot,I make more icons every time I sit down and make compared to the last one,for sure.

I’m leaving tomorrow for 15 days,I might update tonight but I won’t be able to update tomorrow morning.


Added,pt 2.

January 13, 2008

I’ve added 54 100×100 Chris(tina) Aguilera icons of her photoshoots and a few videoshoots

I played around a lot with those,trying out different techniques,lighting,and such.

And I was shocked on how fast I uploaded them,really.

OK,iconmaking is my new addiction,that’s for sure.

Oh,andwhen I get back from the 15 day-long trip,my comp will be hopefully fixed and functioning,but I’m most likely to have to install everything back on with a huge help (I admit it) of my parents,specially my dad.


Added =)

January 13, 2008

Added 24 Scarlett icons from some of her photoshoots and 10 misc sized wallpapers =) I’ll make more icons today,it’s addictive! owo

I’m gonna give more details on my hole vacation on february?



January 11, 2008

I’ve sat down and re-made my favorite fashion choices of 2007,it was the new year surprise.No star repeating.Promised.It does feature some of my idols.

WARNING:This ain’t a style blog! Go to one for more proish choices.

Cannes Film Festival (IMO the biggest,that’s why it’s posted) – Best dressed: Angelina Jolie
(click for bigger)

Emmy Awards – Best dressed: Kristen Bell
(click for bigger)

Golden Globes – Best dressed: Helen Mirren
(click for bigger)

Grammy Awards – Best dressed (actress): Scarlett Johansson
(click for bigger)

Grammy Awards – Best dressed (singer): Christina Aguilera
(click for bigger)

(posting both bc I think it’s a tie =3)

Movies Rock event – Best dressed: Carrie Underwood
(click for bigger)

MTV Movie awards – Best dressed: Jessica Alba
(click for bigger)

Oscar awards (Academy Awards) – Best dressed: Reese Witherspoon
(click for bigger)

SAG awards – Best dressed: Katherine Heigl
(click for bigger)

Teen Choice Awards – Best dressed: Sophia Bush
(click for bigger)

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BTW,I’m probably gonna be gone for the weekend.When I get back I’ll probably add the fanart I’ve been making since I last added